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Sonakshi Sinha: Sonakshi Sinha Fat

Sonakshi Sinha Fat

Sonakshi Sinha Fat - Revolution Change

New generation of Bollywood has to give a lot effort to keep themselves healthy in body and shape in order to survive in this field. Actors try their level best to have a figure if not zero size than at least 0.5 and for that they can go to every type of diets and exercises even surgeries. If we take a look on the new generation actress like Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor both have worked their body out before entering in this fraternity.

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Rajjo role and loosing weight

The “Dabaang girl” Sonakshi Sinha fat figure with around 90 kilos of weight could never have given her opportunity to star opposite Salman Khan but her dedication made her the best debut of 2011 in almost every award. Salman Khan when saw Sonakshi Sinha before at a function in 2008, he was sure of something and that surety turned out Sonakshi to star opposite him.

So here are few Sonakshi Sinha fat pics 

Sonakshi Sinha earlier fat pics and current photo in salwar kammez - Before and after
which one you want to be guys
Sonakshi Sinha Fat Photos in black and blue jeans
Hard labour pays off
sonakshi sinha fat to fit photos in blue gown
From Normal to Glamour

Sonakshi weight loss journey

Sonakshi Sinha Fat Photos of earlier days in black jacket and white top
Old Days photos of
Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha before weight loss had the rolly polly figure that entirely lived on junk food all day but once she got to the regime to loose weight she never looked back. Sonakshi Sinha kept no hurry and gave herself complete two years to groom and in result she got the role in Dabangg.

Sonakshi Sinha’s fat was no easy to loose in regular regime, thus she prompted to strict schedule with twice a day in gym along with yoga in a temperature of almost 40 degrees. She shifted her diet to complete high protein and minimal carbohydrate with several cups of green tea in a day. Sonakshi Sinha before and now has a huge difference and the credit to it entirely goes to her dedication, will power and determined mind.

This Bollywood sensation sweated from 90 to 60 kilos with such a confidence that even few grams of loss used to make her happy and few grams of gains carried her to extra hours in gym.

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  1. This is really inspirational to everyone who wants to loose weight.

  2. She is looking so fat in Son of Sardaar. She do not looks like an actress. In fact our maid daughter is more beautiful than her


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