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Sonakshi Sinha: Lootera second trailer - Ranveer ditched Sonakshi

Lootera second trailer - Ranveer ditched Sonakshi

Yes, we are waiting for movie Lootera and second trailer of Lootera raise our desire more. In this second trailer you can see vintage cars, 50's hair style, using "babu" and similar kind of words which were used in zamindaar era and yes we also get the glimpse of Adil Hussain (remember father of pi in life of pi).

Lets enjoy the second trailer of Lootera - (Releasing Date of Lootera is 05th July 2013)

Lootera Movie Theme

So Lootera is one more movie that is moving around old West Bengal like Barfi. After seeing the 2nd trailer I assume that movie is about Ranveer Singh who is playing the role of swindler. Sonakshi Sinha is playing a role of simple girl who fall in love with Ranveer Singh and after that all those bollywood dramas and all. But that is my assumption about this movie and these assumption can be wrong.

Sonakshi Sinha Role

Though Lootera movie is roaming around Ranveer Singh but however we can not deny that without Sonakshi Sinha this movie will be incomplete. In her earlier movies she did not get the significant role but for this movie we can say that she will leave a mark in her film career.

Why I am waiting for this movie - 

  1. Would love to see old age Bengal.
  2. Chemistry between Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha
  3. Sonakshi Sinha in the Bengali Girl Look. (We saw her in UP look in Dabangg 1 & 2)
Lootera Poster - Sonakshi Sinha in the simple bengali girl look

Would love to see if Sonakshi Sinha have some appealing dialogue like in Dabangg 1.


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